Questions about car accident pain

Why do my neck and back hurt?

Neck pain is the most common injury after a car accident. Back pain is not far behind.  While a full diagnosis is not possible without an examination, there are a few common reasons that explain most people's pain.  Many car accidents involve a collision or sudden change in speed, which causes your head and neck to move quickly relative to the car.  Sometimes it is moved quickly back and forth, resulting in a move similar to cracking a whip, so it is referred to as whiplash.  Even when you car is not damaged, significant change in momentum can cause a lot of pain and injury.  Parts of the neck and back that can be hurt include the muscles, ligaments, joints and discs of the neck and back. 

When will it stop hurting?  I always hope that it gets better as soon as possible.  There is not an easy way to predict how long pain will last.  There have been studies that have suggested that untreated pain often lasts years.  Typically the longer you wait to start treatment, the longer it will hurt.  With treatment, most patients under my care report improvement within two to six visits.  The majority of patients are largely symptom free after two to three months, but it depends on many factors, including how badly your injury was, any problems you had beforehand, and how long a delay there was of getting into treatment.  I do anything in my power to get patients better as quickly as possible.

I went to the Emergency Room, and they said I was fine, but I still hurt.  Why does it still hurt?

How did I hurt my...

Can chiropractic and physical therapy help my pain?

Muscle and ligament Pain. 


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