Pain, health, and the pursuit of happiness.

October 28, 2016

This blog is for patients and readers to find more information about pain relief, health, diet and exercise.  The great thing about the internet is the wealth of outrageous amounts of research data, opinions, stories and ideas on every topic.  The bad thing about the internet is the wealth of outrageous amounts of research data, opinions, stories and ideas on every topic, as well as the staggering amount of incorrect and biased information.  I come at the topic as someone who's worked in science, who reads scientific journals on a daily basis, who's helped write some science articles.    I've also been a chiropractor and physical therapy provider for sixteen years, have seen thousands of people with many different flavors of problems, and have helped many people get better.  I strive to be evidence based in my practice,  but throughout medicine and chiropractic, there is not a clear understanding of what is always best practices.  When science stops and guesswork begins, I like to give notice that we're doing so.    I currently practice in Germantown Maryland, I've spent much of the previous part of my career in Rockville, Md.    I plan to discuss relevant current research, various health conditions and approaches to health and whatever I feel like.  Questions and comments are welcome, either on blog articles or random health questions.  All healing is ultimately done by patients.  Doctors, even when heroic interventions are required, are merely restoring the equilibrium and letting the patient's own body recover.  Doctors largely go along for the ride, and I hope that we'll go riding together on interesting topics.    I hope the blog brings information and insight that help people find ways to better health.  More coming soon.

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