Research suggest that while both help with knee pain and swelling, the supplement Chondroitin is bet

A two year study followed over a hundred patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis. Half were given the supplement chondroitin sulfate, and the other half were given the medication Celebrex. MRI's studies of the knee were done at the start of the study, after one year and after two years. Both groups had good pain control, little swelling, and good safety profiles (little side effects). After two years, significantly more cartilage was lost in the knees of people taking Celebrex than the chondroitin. This is important because it suggests that the chondroitin may prevent the wear and tear that happens in osteoarthritis, and the first time it's been demonstrated over time that it may be helpful in actually preserving the amount of cartilage. If you have question on the care and feeding of knees, please contact me at my office in Germantown. I diagnose and treat a wide range of knee problems, including the pain coming from arthritis.

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