Recent research explains chiropractic success in treating migraines and other headaches.

Before I was a chiropractor, I assumed that a headache meant something was happening in the brain to cause problems. But as a chiropractor who has treated migraines and other headaches for almost two decades, it's clear to me that the vast majority of headaches are imbalances in the muscles and joints of the head and neck. By listening to the patient and conducting an exam, it is often a simple matter to find the problem and correct it by performing myofascial release (focused deep tissue massage) involved muscles and adjusting (manipulating) the restricted joints causing the pain. Relief is often immediate. There are also exercises for the joints and small muscles at the top of the neck that can be very helpful in treating and preventing future pain.

Research from June of 2017 in the “European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” support this view. Scientists found that, compared to controls, people with migraines tended to have much less movement in the joints of the upper part of the neck. Furthermore, they could reproduce the headache by touching the areas where they felt the restriction, suggesting the restrictions was one of the direct causes of the pain. The study can be found here:

Past clinical studies support this. The treatments I use, deep tissue work and manipulation/adjustments of the spine, have been found in studies (, to be very helpful in treating headaches, including migraines.

If you have migraines or other headaches, or know someone who does, and have questions on how I could help, please email or call my office. Migraine pain can be terrible, and there are few things as satisfying as making them go away.

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